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Terms & Conditions

1.1. These terms of sale govern the legal relationship between SMARTGURU OÜ (Seller), and the person who made the purchase (Buyer), induced by buying or selling car detailing, repairing, household and other products in the sales environment (in the e-shop).
1.2. In addition to these terms, the legal relationships induced by marketing products via the e-shop are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.


2.1. All prices in e-shop are in euros (EUR) and include VAT.
2.2. In addition to prices displayed next to products Buyer will be charged for transportation according to chosen delivery type. Delivery type and transportation cost are calculated in order basket.


3.1. Product prices and availability might change without prior notice.
3.2. Product images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual product. If in doubt, contact Seller or the manufacturer's website.
3.3. Product descriptions may not always be accurate or detailed enough. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.


4.1. Creating account for making a purchase in is not mandatory, but it will provide additional benefits: collect bonus points with every purchase, which can be used while paying for services; order history overview; recieve newsletter; create wishlist etc.


5.1. The Buyer shall place an Order, and the Seller shall ensure the execution of the Order. An Order shall be understood as a list of one or more names of Goods (items) combined under one Order number and containing information on the names, quantities, manufacturer(s) and term(s) of delivery of the Goods, the place of delivery of the Goods as indicated, the price of the Goods, and other terms of delivery and payment for the Goods.
5.2. Upon placing an Order, the Buyer shall receive from the Seller complete and reliable information about the Good and complete the Order independently through Internet using the information included in the web page Completion of the online order form and its furthering for execution means that the Buyer has fully familiarised himself/herself with the Good, the terms of its delivery, the choice, as well as with the impact of the Order provisions on the formation of the final price of the Good.
5.3. Execution of the Order shall be commenced at the moment of receiving full payment for the Good from the Buyer in the bank account indicated by the Seller. Execution of the Order shall be commenced until the end of the next business day.


6.1. The Order payment may be carried out in the following ways:
6.1.1. By credit card (Visa, MasterCard), with Estonian bank links (Swedbank, SEB, LHV Pank, Nordea, Danskebank, Krediidipank), with Latvian bank links (Swedbank, SEB and Nordea) and with Finnish bank links (Nordea, Danske, Pohjola, Tapiola, Ålandsbanken and Handelsbanken). Payments are made in a secure environment outside the e-shop in the Maksekeskus AS ( secure environment. The Seller does not gain access to the Customer's banking or credit card information.
6.1.2. In cash – payment is made at the Seller’s paying counter, bargain currency is Euro.
6.1.3. By money transfer – money is transferred to the Seller’s indicated bank account (with transfer via Internet bank, payment through Internet using a debit/credit card).
6.1.4. PayPal payments in the PayPal secure environment.
After the order has been submitted and paid, the Customer will be sent an order confirmation by e-mail.
If the ordered product is out of stock, delivery time in unknown or the price has changed, the Seller is obligated to contact the Buyer immediately. If longer delivery time or changed price is not accepted by the Buyer, the Seller will cancel the order and refund the amount paid to the Buyer.


7.1. Unless otherwise stated, the Buyer shall pay for the delivery cost according to service offer price list. Delivery cost is calculated in order basket after the Buyer has selected preferred shipping service.
7.2. Buyer can choose between different shipping services:
7.2.1. Products are delivered to the Buyer via DPD courier or the postal services provided by Omniva or Itella SmartPOST.
7.2.2. Delivery time depends on shipping service. Approximate delivery time is up to 3 working days.
7.2.3. Pick up your order from SMARTSERVICE OÜ office at the address Kadaka tee 183d, Tallinn during business days from 9am to 6pm. This delivery condition is always for free.
7.3. Besides Estonia we deliver e-shop Orders at the moment also to Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. If you'd like to order products to some other country, please contact our Customer Service and we'll find you a personal solution.
7.4. Before placing an order, the Buyer shall undertake to check that the contact details are correct in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings during the delivery of the Goods. The Seller shall not be responsible for the delays and misunderstandings in case the delay or misunderstanding is caused by the incorrect data provided by the Buyer upon completing the order.


8.1. A Good may be returned due to a resorting/sorting error.
8.1.1. The Good is returned according to the parameter “Supplier’s error”, in which case the packaging received by the Buyer contains a Good not conforming to the ordered number, or the Good received by the Buyer has a number different from the ordered one, and due to this reason the Good may not serve as a substitute for the ordered Good. The time period for the submission of return (replacement) application of the Good is 14 calendar days from the day of delivery of the Good to the Buyer as indicated in the waybill of the Good.
8.1.2. If the sorting error is visible, the Buyer shall inform the Seller’s representative thereof without delay and receive from the Seller a written confirmation by e-mail in respect of examination and preparation of return. After informing the Seller of the mistake in respect of the Good the Buyer shall send the Good to the Seller’s actual address. If no written confirmation is received from the Seller or if the Buyer arbitrarily returns the Good to the Seller’s warehouse without prior mutual agreement, the Seller shall assume no further responsibility in respect of the Good.
8.1.3. The Seller shall not be responsible for replacement of product marking if the manufacturer himself has carried out such changes. In such cases the Good is not returned (replaced). It is possible only to adjust the price between the Buyer and the Seller in accordance with the manufacturer’s price list currently in force.
8.1.4. If the reason for returning the Good is a “sorting error”, the Seller, without paying the money back, shall keep the right to replace the Good and send the replaced Good to the Buyer’s address within one month from the Seller’s written confirmation of the sorting error.
8.2. A Good may be returned if it is damaged or poor quality.
8.2.1. A Good is similarly returned also in case of the “Supplier’s error” if the Buyer receives the Good with certain unavoidable external defects (it is broken etc.). Besides, it should also be taken into account that a Good with such defects is not fit for use by Buyer.
8.2.2. Within one business day of receiving the Good the Buyer must send to the Seller an electronic mail containing a “return request” by providing appropriate justification to be sent to the e-mail address The Seller shall contact the Buyer after receiving such request. The damaged Good and its packaging shall be sent or brought back to the Seller’s warehouse. Writing-off of a Good and transferring of money back to the Buyer’s indicated bank account shall be carried out by the Seller only on the condition that the Buyer has performed all the activities referred to hereunder in respect of informing the Seller and retuning the damaged Good.
8.3. If the Buyer comes to pick up the Goods at the office of SMARTSERVICE OÜ, he or she shall check the Goods for mechanical damages upon receiving them. By receiving the Goods, the Buyer shall agree to the quality of the Goods. The Buyer shall not file any claims to the Seller about the quality or delivery of the Goods.


9.1. The Seller shall have the following obligations:
9.1.1. To deliver the Good in accordance with the conditions of the Order.
9.1.2. If during the execution of the Order by the Seller the Goods delivery time and/or prices change, to inform the Buyer without delay of the changes of delivery conditions in order to obtain the Buyer’s confirmation of the new Order execution conditions. The Seller shall inform the Buyer in writing to the Buyer’s indicated e-mail address. The received answer shall be recorded in the electronic Order execution history. It shall be deemed that the Buyer has accepted the changes of conditions if within 36 hours after sending the information on changes of contract conditions by the Seller the Buyer has not sent a refusal letter to the Seller
9.1.3. To provide complete information about the Good and its manufacturer.
9.1.4. To examine the Buyer’s complaints and find a solution according to possibilities and the procedure laid down in the Terms and Conditions.

9.2. The Seller shall have the following rights:
9.2.1. Not to commence the execution of the Order if the payment as for the Buyer’s ordered Good has not been received.
9.2.2. Not to accept claims about non-conformity of the Good and not to accept return requests for Goodsif the Good has visual defects restricting its further realisation and/or returning of the Good to the manufacturer.
9.2.3. Mandatory precondition for all allowed cases of returning the Good is integrity and cleanliness of the Good’s packaging. If packaging is missing, dirty or damaged, the Seller shall have the right to refuse to return the Good to the Buyer.

9.3. The Buyer shall have the following obligations:
9.3.1. The Buyer shall undertake to previously make sure that the Goods are in compliance with his or her expectations. Additional information can be found manufacturer's websites or from Customer Service at or call +372 6803510.
9.3.2. To pay for the Good in accordance with the price indicated in the Order.
9.3.3. If the Seller delivers the Good by violating the Order provisions as regards the quantity, assortment and assemblage of the Good, to inform the Seller of such violations no later than 5 calendar days from making the purchase.
9.4. The Buyer shall have the following rights:
9.4.1. To require the payment to be returned if the Seller is unable to fulfill the conditions of the Order.
9.4.2. To make changes in the Order before the Seller has commenced its execution.
9.4.3. To revoke the Order unilaterally within 14 calendar days from the day of receiving the Good by using the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions of returning the Goods, as well as covering all the Seller’s costs in relation to returning the Good to the manufacturer’s warehouse.
9.5. If it is established that the quality defects of the Good are not caused due to the fault of the Seller, the costs in relation to expert examination shall be covered by the Buyer.


10.1. The Parties shall be responsible for the fulfilment of their obligations arising from these Conditions of use in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia..
10.2. The Parties shall be released from the responsibility for full or partial non-fulfilment of their obligations if caused due to such force majeure as war or acts of war, earthquake, flood, fire or other natural disasters, acts or action by national bodies, changes in customs law, import and export restrictions, that have arisen independently of the Parties’ will. The Party not being able to fulfil its obligations shall inform the other Party thereof in writing and submit the documents issued by authorised institutions certifying the existence of such conditions.


11.1. The Buyer clearly and consciously agrees to the processing of his or her personal data only in relation to this specific sales transaction or for receiving information about the Goods and delivery.
11.2. Personal data known to the Seller shall be entered in the client register and the data shall be used only for rendering the sales service and delivering the Goods to the Buyer.
11.3. The Seller shall retain the contact details of the Buyer, entered by the Buyer during the purchases, and information about the purchases made. This information shall be held as confidential and processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The company rendering courier services shall receive only the personal data of the Buyer needed for delivering the Goods.
11.4. The Seller can use the personal data of the Buyer for making special offers to the Buyer and sending him or her information about the campaigns by e-mail only if the Buyer has agreed to this.
11.5. Data communication between the Buyer and banks and the card payment centre is encrypted, which guarantees the safety of the personal data of the Buyer and the bank data. The payment shall be executed outside the web store environment in the safe payment environment of the respective bank or service provider. The web store shall have no access to the bank and credit card data of the Buyer.


12.1. The Parties shall carry out all the necessary measures to settle their disputes and disagreements by way of negotiations. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement by way of negotiations, all disputes shall be settled in accordance with procedures provided for in laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.


The Conditions shall enter into force at the moment when the Buyer gives its agreement to all terms and conditions by clicking on the appropriate box before making the payment. If the Buyer does not give its agreement to the terms and conditions, placing of the Order is not possible.


14.1. Customer Service phone number is +372 6803510 (from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm) and e-mail: